Inspired Life Architecture

Craft Your Dreams, Live Your Purpose

Are you living an inspired life? An inspired life is not automatic! It requires a balanced combination of inspiration, vision, gratitude and planning. Some of us need help with grounding and orienting our dreams with structure and planning. Others have plenty of structure and need to breathe life into their plan.

Wherever you are on this journey of living in your wholeness and with purpose, Inspired Life Architecture will give you the opportunity you need to clarify, renew, focus and energize. The monthly gatherings help to move you forward in the direction of your dreams.

Led by Diana Mizer, each of these mini-retreats includes inspirational materials and guidance for planning your weekly and monthly schedules, small and big goals.

Woven into each session will be a period of gentle, nourishing yoga. This all-levels restorative yoga is aimed at helping you drop into your body and your deepest wisdom so that you are aligning your life with your truest self.

There will be meditation, tea, and snacks, in a warm, welcoming community and environment.

We hope you’ll join us.

This course can be taken as a series or as an individual class to clarify and re-structure your life.

Appointment rates are $100 for individuals, $120 for couples. Financial assistance is available for a limited number of clients in need. Contact Diana for more information.

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