Diana has helped my child harness his own inner strength and move through the darkness and confusion of adolescence and trauma to a place of self awareness and light. She is an absolute delight.


Diana Mizer is an amazing relationship coach/counselor. She has helped me navigate many tough spots in my parenting journey. She lovingly supports her clients to establish common goals and learn how to set boundaries and communicate. I highly recommend her!


You are a gift to the community, Diana, thank you so much for your time and nurturing wisdom.


“Mama can we see Diana again? I think that really did help me.”

5 year old boy

I loved rewatching our Mistwood Zoom! You helped me not feel so bad about not being a perfect mother right now. Thank you.

Mother of preschooler

I’m am SO grateful to you for building this relationship and that he has responded so well to your counsel and advice! Truly it takes a village!!

Mother of teenage son

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your perspective. I feel so lucky we are able to work with you.

Mother of young adult son

Thank you for taking care of my girls. I appreciate you more than you know!

Mother of teenage girls